Marijuana products on a counter at Cultivate in Leicester, Massachusetts, as they're rung up for purchase.
Jesse Costa / WBUR

Third Retail Marijuana Shop Set To Open, This Time In Eastern Massachusetts

A third retail marijuana shop is set to open in Massachusetts.

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Regional News

Chicopee Academy at James C. Selser School in Chicopee, Masscahusetts.
Dave Roback / The Republican/ / photos

Suspension Rates Exceed 40 Percent At Three Hampden County Schools

Three of the 10 schools with the highest rates of student suspensions in Massachusetts are in Hampden County.

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Mental Health

Survey: More Than Half Of Mass. Adults Struggle Finding Help With Mental, Substance Abuse Problems

Many of us know from experience: its much harder to get an appointment for mental health or substance use care than for most physical illnesses. A survey of 2,201 adults from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Massachusetts confirms the experience with some stark numbers. It found that more than half of Massachusetts adults who tried finding help for mental health or substance abuse problems said they had difficulty finding anyone who would see them. More than one-third gave up seeking...

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Researchers in Puerto Rico say hurricanes Irma and María made long-lasting and ongoing impacts to forest and coastal ecosystems.

Water customers around Hartford who are having trouble paying their bill could be eligible for assistance. That’s because Operation Fuel has teamed up with the MDC to help households struggling with payments.

The Massachusetts Statehouse.
Nidavirani / Creative Commons

It's full speed ahead for budget writers in Massachusetts, despite a projected revenue slowdown. 

City Hall in Springfield, Massachusetts.
cmh2315fl / Creative Commons /

It was a contentious week between the city council in Springfield, Massachusetts, and Mayor Domenic Sarno, as they disagreed on three separate issues. 

An ICE badge.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Federal immigration officials have apprehended dozens of people suspected of living in the country illegally in a series of sweeps in New England. 

More Regional News

Jazz à la Mode

Jaki Byard
South Carolina Public Radio

Jaki Byard: Foreward to a Biography

For Worcester-born acolytes like me and Chet Williamson, the devoted author of Falling Rains of Life , a new on-line biography of Jaki Byard, it was inevitable that as teenaged converts to jazz in the late 1960s, John A. Byard, Jr. would become an intriguing figure for us, and in time even heroic. Unlike Boston, in whose shadow it has stood for 300 years, Worcester’s basic reputation was as a conservative, industrial powerhouse, a city of non-union skilled machinists, the nation’s biggest...

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Farm Bill Compromise Reached With SNAP Changes Out, Industrial Hemp In

Lawmakers unveiled the much-anticipated farm bill compromise Monday night, ending the months-long impasse over whether a critical piece of legislation that provides subsidies to farmers and helps needy Americans buy groceries could pass before the lame-duck session concludes at the end of the year. The agreement was reached after a proposal — backed by House Republicans and President Trump — to add stricter work requirements for those who receive food stamps was taken off the table. The...

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Climate Change

Dueling U.S. Agendas As U.N. Climate Change Summit Enters Crucial Final Week

As the international climate summit in southern Poland enters its second and final week, most countries agree on the basic scientific facts: greenhouse gasses are causing climate change, and every country is feeling its effects. But the United States, under the leadership of President Trump, has taken a different view. The administration questions the overwhelming scientific evidence suggesting that human activity is causing the climate to warm. As a result, the U.S., which has been a leader...

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How Do You Measure The Amount Of Carbon In A Tree?

The latest national climate assessment says forests play a key role in keeping our air clean.

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A view from Mt. Greylock in western Massachusetts.
Charlie Kellogg / Creative Commons /

'Reading' The Mountains Of Western Massachusetts

Standing on top of Mt. Holyoke, I can see Mt. Greylock to the west, and Mt. Monadnock to the north.

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From legislation to legalization follow the local impacts of the cannabis industry.

College Connection

On the College Connection - Carl Zimmer

The implications of Science Reporting In The Age Of Fake News.


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'The Process Is Cruel,' Patrick Says In Opting Against Presidential Run

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick confirmed Thursday he wont run for president in 2020, telling WBUR in an interview that his decision was due in part to the cruelty of the process. As [my wife] Diane and I reflected on it, theres no way around the fact that the process is cruel, he told Bob Oakes. And though she and I were prepared for that, I think we realized that it was going to draw in and affect people we loved who were not necessarily prepared for that or signed up for that. (You...

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