Brian Bevilacqua

Assistant Director of Media Lab

Brian is passionate about producing journalism with young people and telling stories about folks underrepresented in the media. He began this work in 2014 through UMass Amherst Professor Nick McBride’s Community Journalism Project, leading a group of journalism undergrads working with students at Springfield’s High School of Commerce. In this role he developed stories with UMass undergrads and students, edited their written and multimedia pieces, built a class website, and wrote articles for publication in local media focusing on issues important to the students.

Brian has been a part of Media Lab since its first class in February 2016. Since graduating from UMass Amherst in September 2016 he has continued his work in Community Journalism while transitioning from Media Lab intern into his Assistant Director role.

When Brian is not at Media Lab, he’s most likely watching soccer or listening to the hip-hop artists he is obsessed with.

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