Kari Njiiri

Senior News Reporter/Jazz Safari Host

Kari is a senior reporter and long-time host and producer of Jazz Safari, a musical journey through the jazz world and beyond, broadcast Saturday nights on New England Public Radio. Born in New York City, and raised in both Kenya and the U.S., Kari first arrived at NEPR as UMass Amherst student fascinated radio's ability to cross geographic and cultural boundaries. Since then, he has worked in several capacities at the station, from board operator and book-keeper, to production assistant and local host of NPR’s All Things Considered.

Ways to Connect

Springfield, Massachusetts, Police Commissioner John Barbieri.
The Republican / masslive.com/photos

The first full casino resort in Massachusetts opens this week in Springfield. MGM and city officials say they expect up to 15,000 visitors to attend Friday's grand opening.

A cup of coffee.
Julius Schorzman / Creative Commons

A Japanese company is developing a novel way to connect college students to corporate recruiters: offer free coffee at its cafes in exchange for giving up some personal information.

A CTrail train seen at Union Station in Springfield, Massachusetts.
Frederick J. Gore / Special to The Republican / masslive.com/photos

If you don’t have a car, getting around in western Massachusetts and Connecticut can be tricky. More trains now carry daily passengers between Springfield and Connecticut cities. But the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority is raising bus fares and threatening service cuts. There's a cycle to this: Low ridership can mean weak economic investment near transit stations. And that means even fewer people ride. 

An armed officer outside Sidney High School in Sidney, Ohio.
'G is for Gun' / Kate Way / Julie Akeret

One of the most controversial responses to the spate of deadly school shootings in the U.S. has been the idea of arming teachers. The idea has become a reality in some 13 states.

A car drives past the Mount Ida College sign on Carlson Avenue in Newton, Massachusetts.
Jesse Costa / WBUR

UMass Amherst is defending its move to take over the campus of Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts. The small college last month abruptly announced it would close after this semester.