Art Sale Approved, Convictions Dismissed, Springfield Sanctuary Holds: The Short List

Apr 6, 2018

We kick off with a decision from Massachusetts highest court this week in favor of the Berkshire Museum's sale of dozens of its art works, including at least one piece by Norman Rockwell. 

The museum said the sale is a matter of survival. Could it put the city of Pittsfield on a cultural tourism map along with other Berkshires towns? Attorney General Maura Healey initially opposed the museum's push for the sale, but then helped negotiate the agreement.

Also this week, more than 11,000 drug convictions are being vacated as a result of the actions of former state drug lab chemist Sonja Farak, who stole and used drugs from the lab in Amherst. Luke Ryan, a defense attorney who discovered the extent of Farak's misconduct, said the court needs to review even more cases. Defense lawyers are pushing for all convictions that were based on tests from the Amherst lab to be thrown out.

In Springfield, Mayor Domenic Sarno has been pushing against a church in the city which is providing sanctuary to a Peruvian woman facing deportation. He's said Springfield is not a sanctuary city. We talk about the city's recent actions and what might be next.

Finally, it may have snowed this week, but the boys of summer are back on the field and the Boston Red Sox played their home opener at Fenway Park on Thursday. The Red Sox beat the Tampa Bay Rays and the Sox are for now number one in the AL East -- but maybe it's too early to celebrate.


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