Judge Denies Request For Unaired NBC Videos In Rintala Murder Case

Dec 8, 2017

A Massachusetts judge has refused to order NBC to turn over unedited video from a news segment on the Anne Marie Rintala murder. Rintala's wife, Cara Rintala, was found guilty last year of first degree murder.

The case attracted widespread attention because it was believed to be the first time in Massachusetts a person was charged with murdering their same-sex spouse.

After two hung juries, Rintala was convicted in October 2016. "Dateline NBC" later profiled the case, and interviewed some of the jury.

In preparing an appeal, Rintala's attorney, Chauncey Wood, asked for the unedited footage of the jury interviews. He said the video could show "improper or extraneous influences on the jury" -- such as media attention or homophobia.

NBC told the defense they do not "release un-aired portions of interviews." According to prosecutors, the network would fight an order compelling them to.

But Judge Mary Lou Rup found no reason to issue such an order, calling defense attorneys' claims "speculative."