The Short List: Craigslist Pot Sales, Sheriff Offers Prisoners For Wall, Millennial Pols Build Clout

Jan 6, 2017

What made The Short List this week?

  • The legalization last month of small amounts of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts has been a bit bumpy. It’s still illegal for individuals to sell pot. But we reported this week about a salesperson openly trying to work around the law in a Craigslist ad.
  • Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson’s offered his inmates to help President-elect Donald Trump fulfill a campaign promise.
  • The 190th session of the Massachusetts state legislature was called to order this week. All 160 state representative s and 40 state senators were sworn into office. Among them a good number of millennials — but do they have any clout?


  • Cynthia Simison, Springfield Republican
  • Matt Szafranski, Western Mass Politics & Insight