Westfield, Massachusetts, OKs Plan To Filter Contaminated Water

Jun 30, 2018

The city of Westfield, Massachusetts, is moving ahead with a plan to address contaminated water. 

Westfield's City Council approved a $13 million bond to pay for filtration systems on four city wells. Three are currently offline.

The wells are contaminated with chemical compounds, PFOA and PFOS, the city says come from firefighting foam used at the Barnes Air National Guard Base.

This was the third time that Mayor Brian Sullivan tried to get the funding okayed by the council.

"The focus of the city has always been to get our water that's contaminated back to being clean and drinkable for all the residents," he said. "It just means that the plan that we put in place is the best way to go and right now it's the technology that needs to be used to get us to the finish line."

Sullivan said work on two of the wells should be completed by this time next year, and on the two others within a couple years.

Westfield is suing the federal government and three manufacturers of the foam to recover money it's spending to address the problem.