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Podcast, released after Valley Voices Story Slam

Outrageous, funny and heartwarming true stories told in five minutes by your friends and neighbors from around the valley. Valley Voices Story Slam First place and runner up winners have their story featured on the Valley Voices Podcast – Subscribe in Apple Podcasts.

Valley Voices - #16 Landline

Jul 30, 2018
Valley Voices Dan Glanville
Burns Maxey / NEPR

Welcome back to the Valley Voices podcast! This time, we’re talking to our winners from our third installment of our story slams surrounding the theme of “Landline.” Dan Glanville teaches us a lesson about the important of human interaction through the tales of his unusual family members. Aimee Loiselle shares a story about the ancient idea of complete aloneness. Tulip Chadhury tells the emotional story of a wrong number turned almost love story.

Valley Voices - #15 Silver Lining

Jun 20, 2018
Teal Van Dyck Valley Voices
Burns Maxey / NEPR

We’re back with another Valley Voices podcast! This time we’re talking to our winners from the second story slam of season 4, about their “Silver Lining” stories. Katie Drumm shares her family's unusual road trip to track down her sister. Andrew Shelffo tells the tale of the Valentine’s Day that switched his views on humanity. And Teal Van Dyck gives us a humorous and touching recount on their interactions with children as a trans-person.

Valley Voices - #14 Neighbors

May 3, 2018
Kevin Gallagher Valley Voices
Burns Maxey / NEPR


Season four of our Valley Voices Story Slam Series kicked off in March with the theme “Neighbors.” That means we’re back with a brand new Valley Voices podcast! We’ll be talking with three storytellers who made quite an impression the the live audience that night. Eve Brown-Waite tells us about her neighbors across the globe. Kevin Gallagher gives a humorous recount of a night that didn’t go as expected. And Shirlee Williams shares the tale of the night her mother almost committed murder. You’ll hear their stories as they told them that night, plus they sit down with us to share what they couldn’t fit into their five minute story.

Valley Voices - #13 Stories of Exasperation

Jun 9, 2017

A selection from recent  Valley Voices Story Slam featuring "Stories of Exasperation".  Michael Kingsbury and Jim Brissette  share their tales. 

Valley Voices - #12 DIY

May 4, 2017

We’re back with more stories from your friends and neighbors on the Valley Voices Podcast.

Valley Voices - #11 Refresh

Mar 23, 2017
Suzanne Schmidt
Vanessa Cerillo / NEPR

This month we're listening back to our top two storytellers from the "Refresh" Story Slam, held at Gateway City Arts in Holyoke. David Bulley was our runner-up for audience favorite, and tells us how well good old fashioned machismo replaces showers at hunting camp. Our winner from the evening, Susanne Schmidt, shares with us one of the more unusual trips to the grocery store she's had with her father. Music here by Broken Social Scene and Bill Monroe.

Valley Voices - #10 One Shot

Feb 22, 2017
Terry Wolfisch Cole
Burns Maxey / NEPR

We’re coming to you this month with our most recent slam, held at Gateway City Arts in Holyoke. The night’s theme was “One Shot.” Starting things off is our runner up favorite for the evening, Terry Wolfisch Cole, who took her “one shot” when things were feeling a bit desperate in Utah. Finally Kerrita Mayfield, our winner from the evening, introduces us to her student "Sunshine." For a chance to have your story featured on the next podcast, share your first line with us for our next event. The best ten lines will be invited to compete on stage at “Refresh,” at Gateway City Arts on March 16th. Music here by Broken Social Scene and Pullman.

Valley Voices - #9 Slippery Slope

Jan 25, 2017

We're back with the first episode from our third season of Valley Voices Story Slams! Here, our audience favorites from Slippery Slope - held January 19th at the Northampton Brewery. Andrew Shelffo fills us in on some New Jersey wisdom, and Karen Fisk tells us who she loves more.  Music here by Broken Social Scene and Henri Texier.

Valley Voices - #8 Money, Money, Money

Jan 17, 2017

Our kick-off for the third season of Valley Voices Story Slams is just around the corner, with “Slippery Slope” on January 19th at the Northampton Brewery! This week, we're getting ready for the start of a new season with a look back on some of our past storytellers. In March, 2016 we went over to the Brewery for our "Money, Money, Money" Story Slam. Kenneth Harris took us to the movies, while Kevin Gallagher brought us along for his honeymoon. Music here by Broken Social Scene and D Numbers.

Valley Voices - #7 Another Day, Another Dollar

Nov 30, 2016

Looking ahead to Season 3 of our Valley Voices Story Slams, we've got another episode of the podcast up looking back to some of our past storytellers. This month, we're highlighting stories of work. Josie Dulles fights for her soul at Starbucks, while Michael Klein finds playing with knobs and dials can take you further than you'd expect. Check back with us at the end of every month, as we'll have more stories running up to our Season Three opener, “Slippery Slope” on January 19! If you've got a story to tell, NEPR and The Academy of Music Theatre want to hear it. Share the first line of your story on our Valley Voices hotline at 413-735-6688 along with your contact info. We’ll choose the best 10 lines to compete on stage at the Northampton Brewery in January! Music here by Broken Social Scene and The Smiths.