Willie O’Ree, the first black man to play in the NHL and on the Bruins, was inducted Monday into the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Today, the number of minorities playing professional sports is at its highest ever — but the NHL is still 97 percent white.

To talk about the man who broke the NHL’s color barrier 60 years ago — and how far we’ve come, and how far we still have to go — Kwame Damon Mason joined Morning Edition. He directed the film “Soul On Ice” which is about the history of black ice hockey players in the U.S. and Canada.

Springfield, Massachusetts, police officer Gregg Bigda, left, and former Springfield detective Steven Vigneault, right.
Don Treeger / Dave Roback / The Republican // masslive.com/photos

Two Springfield police officers, one current and one former, are facing federal charges in connection with a 2016 incident, involving two Latino juveniles. 

Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.
Daily Hampshire Gazette / gazettenet.com

Smith College released a report on Monday finding no evidence that racial bias was involved in a controversial incident last summer.

A board set up to combat racial profiling by police has released a follow-up to last year's report on traffic stops and racial profiling across the state. The follow-up focused on eight towns that had unusually high number of minority traffic stops in the initial report.

Does Harvard University discriminate against Asian-Americans in its admissions process?

That's the question on trial in a Boston federal courtroom this week. At issue is whether Harvard unfairly discriminated against an Asian-American applicant who says the Ivy League school held him to higher standards than applicants of other races. This trial will also dissect a contentious political issue in higher education: affirmative action.

But what exactly is affirmative action, and how did it become such a controversial issue?