Mass. Cities Snubbed By Amazon Say Bidding Was Worth It

Nov 15, 2018

Boston and Somerville aren’t the only Massachusetts cities that Amazon passed over when looking for a second headquarters. More than two dozen communities in the state submitted bids last year. Most were eliminated months ago.

Now that Amazon has made its choice, some of the local long shots are reflecting on their failed pitches.

Amazon’s decision to snub Boston has reopened some old wounds. Massachusetts has a long history of missed opportunities to attract large technology companies.

Robert Noyce got his Ph.D. at MIT but picked California to launch Intel in the 1960s.

Bill Gates was a Harvard student in the 1970s when he hatched the idea that became Microsoft. Then he dropped out and started the company in Albuquerque.

Elections are a target environment for hackers. Voting systems in 21 states were targeted ahead of the 2016 election. Most of those attacks were unsuccessful, but the efforts continue ahead of the midterms, intelligence officials say.

A new opioid tracking program reports an average of 42 overdoses a month in a section of Hartford.

New England’s wind energy world changed dramatically this week when Denmark-based Ørsted acquired the developer of America’s first-ever offshore wind farm, Rhode Island-based Deepwater Wind. The Danish company currently has offshore wind projects in development with Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, and New York.