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Temperature Rising In Conn. Gubernatorial Debate

Oct 19, 2018

Republican Bob Stefanowski’s bold promise to eliminate Connecticut’s income tax over eight years came under withering attack Thursday by Democrat Ned Lamont and Oz Griebel, a petitioning candidate struggling to be taken seriously in the waning weeks of the race for governor.

Boston's pitchers held the Houston Astros to just five hits, and Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers continued his surprising postseason with a three-run home run Thursday night as the Red Sox won the American League Championship Series.

Boston will advance to the World Series, where they'll face the National League series winner. The Los Angeles Dodgers lead the Milwaukee Brewers 3-2 in that series, and can wrap it up in Game 6 on Friday (Fox Sports, 8:30 p.m. ET).

Marcia Morrison, Ms. Senior Massachusetts 2018, spent months preparing for the national Ms. Senior America contest held in Atlantic City on October 18, 2018.
Jill Kaufman / NEPR

Just down the boardwalk from last month's Miss America contest, the next Ms. Senior America will be chosen Thursday from among a crowd of women over 60 years old, and some who are well over 60. 

This year, ballot Question 2 asks Massachusetts residents to consider whether or not corporations have the same constitutional rights as people.

It’s been a much-debated topic in and out of courtrooms since as far back as the late 1800s, and more recently, following the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

MGM's Mike Mathis (second from left) gives a tour of the casino site to officials including Governor Charlie Baker and Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno.
Mark M. Murray / The Republican /

Executives at MGM Springfield have not made many political donations this election season, but they do have some favorite politicians.