The Short List

An election worker lays out "I Voted" stickers on a table.
Jesse Costa / WBUR

The Short List Says It's Tough To Get Questions On Mass. Ballot, And That's OK

Groups pushing for Massachusetts ballot questions had to turn in more than 80,000 certified signatures this week to the secretary of state's office in order to stay on track for the 2020 election.

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Regional News

Wind turbines in the Atlantic Ocean.
Ryan Caron King / Connecticut Public Radio

Vineyard Wind Wins Bid To Provide Offshore Power In Connecticut

The city of Bridgeport is the big winner in Connecticut’s latest offshore wind acquisition. Park City Wind, a proposal from developer Vineyard Wind, was selected by state officials Thursday and is being billed as the largest purchase of renewable energy in state history.

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Truvada is one of the HIV prevention drugs known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP.
Tony Webster / Creative Commons /

UMass Study: Barriers Accessing HIV Prevention Drug Are More Than Financial

Reverend Jonathan Ashley's house in historic Deerfield, Massachusetts. Author Jared Ross Hardesty said 50 enslaved people lived in the town, and Ashley owned a slave named "Jinny."
Carol Blyberg / Creative Commons /

Pushing Past Myths About Slavery's Deep, Small-Scale Roots In New England


A view inside a CTrail commuter train between Hartford and Springfield.
Heather Brandon / NEPR

What It's Like To Switch From Car Travel To A Daily Train Commute

Heather Brandon used to drive from her home in Hartford, Connecticut, to work in Springfield, Massachusetts. It would take her anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic. But this summer, she committed to taking the train.

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Time and again on the stump, Elizabeth Warren has said her proposed wealth tax is an overdue correction for inequities in the American economy, and will fund many new programs. Critics, including fellow Democrats, have said her plan won’t bring in nearly as much revenue as she claims.

The Trump administration has made a ruling that critics say will force many Americans into hunger.

Roof patches are visible on the Bri-Mar stable in Hadley, Massachusetts, in November 2019.
Keith Shannon / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says it will tear down a deteriorating barn at its wildlife refuge in Hadley, Massachusetts. The building has housed barn swallows, and bird advocates are fighting to keep it standing.

Massachusetts Is On Target For Sizeable Share Of Pot Revenue, Says State Commissioner

Dec 4, 2019
At center, Massachusetts Revenue Commissioner Christopher Harding.
Sam Doran / State House News Service

Massachusetts tax collectors are expecting to haul in between $93 million and $173 million in legal marijuana revenue this current budget year, and could collect as much as $189 million in the next budget year.

The state of Connecticut announced Tuesday that it plans to divest from its investments in civilian gun manufacturers -- the latest move in a state that has enacted stricter gun policies since the Newtown massacre.

More Regional News


A view inside a bookstore in New Haven, Connecticut.
Aaron Gustafson / Creative Commons /

When The Death Of A Loved One Leaves Room To Fill Their Shoes

This coming Christmas will be my third without my father, and I still miss him terribly. But it was during the first Christmas season without him, while I was shopping in one of my favorite bookshops — fantasizing about which book to give to which person — that I found myself feeling surprisingly giddy. I thought, “Oh good! Dad's gone!”

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Pelosi Says House Democrats Will Draft Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump

Updated at 12:43 p.m. ET House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., announced Thursday morning that House Democrats will move ahead with drafting articles of impeachment against President Trump, though she did not define the scope of those articles. "His wrongdoing strikes at the very heart of our Constitution," Pelosi said, referring to Trump's efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate political rivals while hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid were on hold earlier this year. The...

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5 Things To Know About The East Coast Effort To Curb Transportation Emissions

This month, a group of states, including Massachusetts, will release a plan to cut carbon emissions from the regions biggest source transportation. The effort is called the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI). The states are focused on limiting carbon emissions from fuel. Governor Charlie Bakers administration has estimated TCI could generate up to $500 million a year in new revenue for Massachusetts. A recent MassINC  poll  found most voters in the state support the basic idea of...

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Election 2020

Where They Stand: Comparing The 2020 Democrats' Climate Change Proposals

Throughout the presidential primary campaign, voters in New Hampshire have said climate change is one of their top priorities. And even as candidates emphasize the dangers of global warming – and detail their plans to address it – many voters aren't reassured. NHPR’s Annie Ropeik has more as part of our series “Where They Stand,” which takes a closer look at candidates’ policy proposals.

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Here's Why Becoming A U.S. Citizen Just Got More Difficult

Megeliea Adrian is sifting through a crinkled business envelope stuffed with her familys passports and green cards while a volunteer attorney reviews her citizenship application. She is one of 50 or so aspiring U.S. citizens clutching fistfuls of documents and filling out paperwork in the conference room of a downtown Boston law firm. For 51-year-old Adrian, who was born in Haiti and has lived in the U.S. for almost 20 years, citizenship means one thing: You not citizen, you not vote. I love...

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Loretta Ross.
Ben James / NEPR

In Smith Swastika Incident, One Professor Asks: 'Can We Stay Focused On The Fascists?'

Visiting Smith College professor Loretta Ross has been taking on neo-Nazis for decades.

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