Annual Report

Thank you!

As one of the oldest public radio stations in the country, New England Public Radio would not be here without your passionate support. The staff, the NEPR Foundation Board of Directors, and I want to personally thank you for your generosity and for being part of our listening community.

Each year, putting our annual report together gives us the opportunity to take a few minutes to reflect on the work we’ve accomplished, and the places we’ve been, and the people we’ve met in our community who have made an impact on our work. FY’17 was a busy year in public media. Election years always are, as listeners tune in to hear thoughtful, well-researched reporting about the candidates, special coverage of debates, the inauguration, and the beginnings of a new president’s first term. Each day since then, NPR has covered the stories coming out of Washington with vigor and with objectivity. You hear no screaming, no arguing. You tune to NEPR for the antidote to that.

In this era of so called “fake news”, political polarity, and divisiveness in our country, NEPR and NPR are needed now more than ever. We provide facts, go in-depth with enterprise reporting, and offer opinions from many points of view and many walks of life. Our task in public media is to find a way to see and hear one another; to seek and understand how people feel and to believe that we can get things done together.

This work is not possible without an incredible community of listeners who support New England Public Radio. Whether you’ve been contributing since the early years of WFCR, became a first time donor, or joined us as a new underwriter in 2017, we are incredibly grateful for your support.

With your help, we continue to grow in every way. In these pages you’ll read about our recently completed strategic framework, our newest NEPR–produced podcasts, our new digital editor who is helping to make our local reporting richer on and on our social media platforms, and all the places you can now hear the NEPR News Network — including in Hampden County on 91.9FM. All this and more is made possible by you, and there is so much more to come. Thank you for your generous support. Keep listening. Thank you,

Thank you,

Martin Miller
CEO and General Manager
New England Public Radio

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