Members of the Japanese-American 442nd Combat Team at attention on November 12, 1944. On May 1, 1944, the regiment left the U.S. for battlefields in Italy. It would become the most decorated unit in U.S. military history.
US Army Signal Corps / Public Domain

Seventy-five years ago, on May 1, 1944, a unique group of American soldiers boarded transports at Hampton Roads, Virginia.  

An ICE badge.
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Prosecutors and public defenders in Massachusetts are suing to block federal authorities from arresting people in and around courthouses for immigration violations.

As befitting the legacy of Duke Ellington, who led his renowned orchestra for nearly 50 years and criss-crossed the globe as an unofficial musical ambassador, there are Duke Ellington Society chapters in Toronto, Stockholm, London, and Paris, in addition to New York, Los Angeles, and Ellington’s birthplace, Washington, D.C. I’ve been a member and have attended several of TDES’s gatherings at St.

A train sitting on the platform at Union Station in Springfield, Massachusetts.
Adam Frenier / NEPR

Expanded rail service between Springfield and Holyoke, Northampton and Greenfield should begin by late summer. That's the latest estimate from the Masachusetts Department of Transportation.

The Massachusetts Statehouse.
Jesse Costa / WBUR

When it comes to higher education in Massachusetts, lawmakers consider splitting the bill. Or maybe they'll at least leave a tip?