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Jazz Beat 44 is devoted to Tom Reney's appreciation of the blues singer and guitarist T-Bone Walker.

"Golden lady justice" in Bruges, Belgium.
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The word “justice” has been intertwined with our culture and society for hundreds of years. It’s also Merriam-Webster’s 2018 word of the year.

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Merriam-Webster editors Peter Sokolowski and Emily Brewster talk about the words of 2018.

The Massachusetts Statehouse all dressed up for the end of 2018.
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This week, Massachusetts is tying up loose ends. No, not gift wrapping: politics.

Nancy Wilson, 1937-2018

Dec 14, 2018
Nancy Wilson in 2007

The famed vocalist Nancy Wilson died on Thursday at her home near Los Angeles. She was 81. The Chillicothe, Ohio, native was an elegant beauty whom I first knew of through her early 1960s television appearances as both a singer and actress. I remember feeling somewhat mesmerized by her, and as I've reviewed clips of her on YouTube in recent years, I've concluded that it was her stillness and self-possession that initially drew me in; compared with the outsized figures I was accustomed to seeing on TV, she seemed perfectly calm and composed.