Ilan Stavans

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Ilan Stavans is the Lewis-Sebring Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture at Amherst College. He is an internationally known, award-winning cultural critic, linguist, translator, public speaker, editor, short-story writer, and TV host, whose New York Times best-selling work focuses on language, identity, politics, and history.

Grace Talusan
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Born in the Philippines, Grace Talusan is the 2017 Restless Books Prize winner for New Immigrant Writing for Nonfiction. She is the author of the memoir, The Body Papers,  a courageous memoir that explores immigration, the trauma of abuse and the female body.

In Contrast Christopher King
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Christopher King is a collector of 78 RPM records and a producer and author specializing in pre-war rural American music and music from Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean. He is the author of Lament from Epirus: An Odyssey into Europe’s Oldest Surviving Folk Music and the compiler of several recent recordings specializing in the music from northern Greece.

Martha Nussbaum
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Martha Nussbaum is a philosopher known for her work in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, political philosophy, feminism and ethics. A teacher at the University of Chicago, she is the author of numerous books, the latest being The Monarchy of Fear: A Philosopher Looks at Our Political Crisis.

Andre Dubus III In Contrast
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Andre Dubus III,  author of  the novels House of Sand and Fog and The Garden of Last Days and the memoir Townie, talks with Ilan Stavans about writing, reading and his latest novel Gone So Long.

A star of David as an element of architecture.
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Among the numerous worrisome aspects of Donald Trump’s ascendance to the presidency is the resurgence of anti-Semitism.