Walter Carroll

Classical Music Host

Walter Carroll has been presenting classical music on New England Public Radio since 1989.  His first classical music program was presented on WFCI, the campus station at Franklin College of Indiana.  After graduating from Indiana University, he pursued a theatrical career, which took him to Amsterdam, where he remained for two years.  He spent another nine years in Tokyo, appearing on NHK Radio and Television, dubbing films into English, narrating documentaries and providing voices for other recordings.  Back in the United States he began his public radio career with New Hampshire Public Radio.

He comes by his love of classical music naturally, with a grandmother who was an opera singer, a grandfather who conducted bands and orchestras and uncles who were jazz musicians. He sang with top choirs in high school and college.

Walter continues his passion for theatre, appearing in Shakespeare and modern plays and portraying historical characters in one- and two-person presentations.  

Ways to Connect

My wife and I have been going to the Met pretty much annually since the NEPR travel program began a couple of decades ago with a series of weekends at the Met. 2016 has stood out for history making adventures for us. In the fall of 2015 we bought tickets for a trip at spring break of this year.  As it happened we had excellent seats for James Levine’s final performance as Music Director. he conducted Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio and we were part of the tremendous ovation which followed, at least 20 minutes’ worth. I wrote about it at the time.