After Hampshire College President Departs, Fundraising Group Receives More Donations

Apr 8, 2019

A group trying to raise money to keep Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, open and independent says it's seen a jump in contribution activity since the school's president resigned.

Last Friday, Hampshire announced President Miriam Nelson was leaving, that one of the school's founders would take her place, and that the board of trustees had voted to fundraise to keep Hampshire independent.

A fundraising group that shares that goal said it's received total pledges of over $2.5 million for Hampshire so far, with about $100,000 in since the announcement.

Patricia Klindienst, who's an alumna, leads A Campaign for Hampshire College

"We're excited that a couple of big donors stepped in the last two days, and just plopped a bunch of money on us, plus a lot of little donors," she said.  

As for the fact that Hampshire will pay additional compensation to ex-president Nelson as part of her exit, Klindienst said her group anticipated it, given that Nelson had a contract with the school.