A Battle Of Political Endorsements In The Berkshire DA Race

Oct 17, 2018

A battle of political endorsements is underway in the district attorney race in Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

Andrea Harrington, the Democratic nominee for district attorney, announced two new endorsements from U.S. Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren. The announcement came just one day after incumbent Paul Caccaviello was endorsed by attorney Judith Knight.

Both Knight and Caccaviello lost to Harrington in the September primary.

Caccaviello has since launched a write-in campaign.

Harrington said that effort is all about trying to hold onto power.

“This just demonstrates the length to which they are willing to go to attempt to hang onto the power that they have had for a long time now, that has led to really poor results for the people here in Berkshire County,” Harrington said.

But Caccaviello said the write-in campaign just means he's listening to voters who want him to stay in the race.