Berkshire Museum Board Chair Would Like To Mend Fences Within Industry

Nov 30, 2018

The head of the Berkshire Museum's board said she hopes to repair relationships with museum industry groups. That's afer the Pitttsfield institution finished art sales that led to the rift.

The Berkshire Museum sold 22 pieces of art for a total of $53 million, saying it needed the money to stay open.

But the sales went against ethical guidelines of the American Association of Museum Directors (AAMD), which asked its members not to collaborate with the Berkshire Museum.

A relationship with the Smithsonian also came to an end.

Berkshire Museum board president Elizabeth McGraw said she'd like to patch things up.

"We're in the midst of hiring a new executive director, and we hope that with that direction, that we can find a way back into those associations' hearts," McGraw said.

A spokesperson for the museum director's group said it is possible to remove the sanctions, and pointed to a list of guidelines to remove them.

That includes promising not to sell anymore art in the future.

And the Smithsonian said a museum also has to follow AAMD guidelines to maintain an affiliation.