Caccaviello Concedes Berkshire DA Race; Will Leave The Office After 30 Years

Nov 7, 2018

Attorney Andrea Harrington will be the next district attorney of Berkshire County. The current DA, Paul Caccaviello, did not concede the election until Wednesday. 

Although Harrington gave a victory speech in Pittsfield on election night, Caccaviello conceded only after he checked the number of write-in ballots cast for him and found the margin to be "insurmountable."

The 54-year-old prosecutor started in the DA's office as an intern in 1988, became a full time prosecutor about a year later, and was appointed to lead the office last March. But in a couple months, he's out.

"I’m about to end a career in an office that I have been in for three decades and formed a lot of relationships with the staff and people in law enforcement, treatment providers," said Caccaviello. “And so obviously there is disappointment in not continuing that kind of work.” 

Caccaviello said he doesn't know what's next. He wants to take a couple of days and a few deep breaths before figuring that out.