On Campaign Trail In 2019, Warren And Sanders Miss Hundreds Of Senate Votes

Dec 31, 2019

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Vermont's Bernie Sanders have been campaigning across the country ahead of the presidential primaries. That time on the trail means the senators missed hundreds of roll call votes in 2019.

Sanders has not cast any yeas or nays since July 23, when he voted to extend the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.

According to the website GovTrack, Sanders skipped more than 60% of Senate votes this past year. During the same period in his presidential campaign four years ago, he had missed just 8%.

His campaign has said Sanders made a commitment this time to be "all in," knowing he'll miss votes in the Senate.

Warren has been only slightly more present in Washington than Sanders, missing just over half of all recorded votes.

It appears that only one of the votes missed by Warren or Sanders was so close they could have changed the outcome: a September push for paid family leave for federal employees failed by one vote.

Regardless, the measure later made it into law.