Casino Questions, State Police, Stun Guns, Hot Sox: The Short List

Apr 20, 2018

Recently, there's been rumblings that MGM, which is currently building a casino in Springfield, Massachusetts, is looking at buying a Boston-area casino also under construction. So what might this mean for Springfield? 

This all came up after casino mogul Steve Wynn divested himself from his company, which is building the Everett casino, after sexual harassment allegations became public.

Another scandal has come to light at the Massachusetts State Police -- this one involving its payroll director. She's alleged to have stolen $23,000 from the department over a 15-month span. There have been some reforms put into place for the State Police to address other problems, and Governor Baker said that anything that happens on his watch "belongs to me." 

Also this week, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court cleared the way for stun guns to become legal in the state. This doesn't come as a big surprise as the court had a previous decision overturned by the Supreme Court regarding the state's ban on the electronic weapons. And one police chief says they should be regulated just like firearms.

Finally, it's been a good month so far for Boston's professional sports teams. The Bruins and Celtics are doing well in the playoffs, and how about those Red Sox? They're off to their best start ever. 


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