Da Vinci Exhibit At Berkshire Museum On Hold Because Of Government Shutdown

Jan 15, 2019

The partial federal government shutdown means an exhibit isn't coming to the Berkshire Museum — at least not right now.

The museum in Pittsfield was expecting to host an exhibit focused on the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. It includes 40 life-size, working models based on the artist's drawings.

They were coming from the George H.W. Bush Library in Texas. But it's closed because of the federal shutdown, so the company hired to move the da Vinci models can't get in.

Craig Langlois, who's with the Berkshire Museum, said he and his colleagues are doing what they can to make the exhibit happen.  

"We're working behind the scenes, you know, reaching out to every contact we possibily have to see if there's a solution to getting the building open," he said. "The museum is committed to bringing [the da Vinci exhibit] to the Berkshires for its intended run of three months."  

A spokesman for the Bush museum could not be reach for comment. He's out because of the shutdown.