Employees Of Iron Horse Entertainment Group Planning Legal Action Over Alleged Wage Theft

Jul 2, 2019

A workers' rights activist says about a dozen current and former employees of Northampton, Massachusetts, music venues are planning to take legal action over wage theft.

Workers for the Iron Horse Entertainment Group, or IHEG, recently met with legal counsel to try to recover what they say are unpaid wages.

That's according to Rose Bookbinder, an organizer with the Pioneer Valley Workers Center.

"We're exploring a few different options," she said. "One being folks filing individually, another being a class action lawsuit, and determining whether doing this with a private attorney or through the attorney general's office. But we definitely will be moving ahead with a claim."

Bookbinder said her organization is now reaching out to other IHEG employees to see if they also want to take legal action.

The Massachusetts Attorney General's Office said it's received five complaints of labor law violations against IHEG so far.