Ex-Westfield State President Wants His Name Removed From Community College Library

May 15, 2018

The name of former Westfield State University President Evan Dobelle will be coming off a library in eastern Massachusetts -- at least, if he has his way.

Dobelle resigned as president of Westfield State in 2013 after a series of Boston Globe articles documenting lavish spending, including international travel.

In 2015, Dobelle agreed to pay back $185,000 to the state, while insisting he did nothing wrong.

Still, his name adorns the library of Middlesex Community College in Lowell, where he served as president 30 years ago. Members of the board of trustees there have been weighing whether to remove Dobelle's name.

On Sunday, Dobelle sent a letter to board chairman James Campbell, asking for his name to be taken off the library.

"This current situation has been organized by people I've never heard of who appear to be unaware of what was accomplished during my tenure, and have asked me for NO detail," Dobelle wrote. "This now 4 year old report of the [state's inspector general] is a terrible injustice to read. It is neither fair nor balanced. However this controversy hurts the reputation of the college and the brand of the city of Lowell both of which I and so many have worked hard to enhance."

Campbell released a statement saying he will ask the board to honor Dobelle's request.

"I appreciate Mr. Dobelle recognizing the negative attention that this matter brings to the institution, the students, staff and faculty who work there, as well as the city of Lowell," Campbell said.