First Round Of Hampshire College Job Cuts Expected Within A Week

Feb 12, 2019

Layoffs at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, could come later this week.

Facing an uncertain financial future, Hampshire announced last month it's seeking a "strategic partner" and will accept only a few students for this fall.

Hampshire's president, Miriam Nelson, said the first round of staff layoffs will happen later this week or early next.

"We will give at least 60 days notice, so that this is not like somebody has a week before they leave," Nelson said. 

With fewer students on campus in the fall, the faculty will also be cut this year.

Professor Salman Hameed said he and his colleagues are concerned.

"Academic  job cycles are usually November/December of the previous year," Hameed said. With these job cuts coming so late, he said, "that leaves them with no chance of getting any jobs for the following year."

Hameed said he believes more than 30 percent of staff and faculty will lose their jobs.

The college says those decisions have not been made yet.