Gas Flows Through New Sandisfield Pipeline

Nov 14, 2017

The Massachusetts section of a New York-to-Connecticut natural gas pipeline is up and running. 

The pipeline -- which travels through Otis State Forest in southern Berkshire County -- had been the source of a legal battle and much protest.

Federal regulators gave Kinder Morgan the OK to turn on the gas at the end of October.

A spokesman for the company said it's been in service since early this month.

Abby Ferla, with the anti-pipeline group Sugar Shack Alliance, said they're angry state officials didn't do more to stop the project. 

"We've seen every level of state government, from the attorney general to permitting agencies to the state police to the courts, work more on the behalf of Kinder Morgan than behalf of the constituents of the commonwealth," Ferla said.

Much of the controversy centered around a state protection for public conservation lands like Otis State Forest in the small town of Sandisfield.

A judge ruled that's trumped by federal laws and allowed the project to go forward. In the past six months, dozens were arrested protesting the pipeline's construction.