Gas Problems Remind The Short List Of 2012 Springfield Explosion

Sep 14, 2018

A natural gas explosion impacting three communities north of Boston is not the first in recent years for the company, Columbia Gas. 

In November, 2012, a Columbia Gas worker looking for leak in downtown Springfield struck a high pressure gas line, causing a blast that damaged dozens of buildings and caused several injuries. And there's been a lot of conversations surrounding gas pipeline expansion in western Mass over the last few years.

The latest phase in cleaning up the Housatonic River in Berkshire County is going before a priviate mediator hired by the federal Environmental Protection Agency and General Electric. The company polluted the river with PCBs when it ran a factory in Pittsfield decades ago. Several parties are at the table for the discussions, but one that isn't: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. And that bothers some lawmakers. 

As Hurricane Florence hits the southeastern United States, federal funding for housing Hurricane Maria victims is running out. Last month, a federal judge ruled the government could pull the funds. A few weeks ago, MassLive reported more than 100 families were still being put up in western Massachusetts hotels. 

The race for Massachusetts governor continues, and ten Democratic mayors, including Springfield's Domenic Sarno, are crossing party lines and supporting Republican incumbent Charlie Baker. Sarno called Baker a "great partner" and said the governor has been very responsive


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