Harrington Declares Victory In Berkshire DA Race, But Caccaviello Won't Concede

Nov 7, 2018

In Berkshire County, the Democratic nominee for district attorney, Andrea Harrington, has declared victory. But her opponent, incumbent DA Paul Caccaviello, is not conceding.

The district attorney's race was one of many that drew an enthusiastic turn out by voters in Berkshire County. Just ask Lenox Town Clerk Kerry Sullivan.

“We have been steady all day long. I think we are going to do quite well,” Sullivan said in a call Tuesday evening. 

Well over half of the registered voters in Lenox cast a ballot. They may have been drawn to vote because of the hard-fought race for DA.

Paul Caccaviello, who was appointed DA last March, ran a write-in campaign after losing the Democratic primary to attorney Andrea Harrington. When voting ended last night, poll workers and city and town clerks had to hand-count the write-ins.

Caccaviello said late Tuesday that he's not conceding until he's sure all the write-in votes cast for him were counted -- even if they just had his first name and last initial.

“We’ll take steps to see the votes and most particularly the votes that didn’t count for me," Caccaviello said. "We were getting information that different towns would not take 'Paul C.,' for instance. And that may be something we have to address."

Even so, Harrington delivered a victory speech, committing to increase public safety, put dangerous people behind bars and get help for those who need it.

"My parents taught me from a very young age that life is really about working and believing in a power that is greater than ourselves. And, for me, that’s justice," Harrington told her supporters.

Who will be the top prosecutor to guide justice is not yet settled. Caccaviello said it could take a few days to figure out.