Hartford Offering IDs To Residents Without Them

May 23, 2017

The city of Hartford has launched a new program help residents without standard forms of identification.

Hartford City ID is modeled on similar efforts in New Haven and New York City.

The goal is to allow all residents to be able to do everything from getting a city permit to a library card -- and the Hartford Police will accept the ID as proof of identification.

Mayor Luke Bronin said the initiative will help those in a wide variety of circumstances.

"For those who are returning from prison or for families that are struggling with homelessness or for those who are living in the shadows because of their immigration status, in all of those cases, the absence of an ID can be a huge obstacle to getting on track, to getting a place to live, to signing a lease and to accessing basic city services," Bronin said.

The city has promised to protect the confidentiality of applicants to the maximum extent allowed by law, an issue of particular concern for those in the country illegally.