Hefner Indicted, Springfield Sanctuary, Amherst Council: The Short List

Mar 30, 2018

This week, we discuss Thursday's indictment of Bryon Hefner, the husband of Amherst Democratic State Senator Stan Rosenberg. Hefner is facing charges that include sexual assault and criminal lewdness. 

The Massachusetts Senate is still investigating whether Hefner had any influence over Rosenberg when it came to Senate business while Rosenberg was its president. And this is just one of several issues the Senate has had to deal with in the last year. 

Meanwhile, in Springfield, a controversy has erupted over a church granting sanctuary to a Peruvian woman and her American-born children as she faces deportation. Democratic Mayor Domenic Sarno has come out against this, and has said in the past Springfield is not a "sanctuary city." The city council is expected to discuss an order forbidding any city employee from taking action against South Congregational Church. 

Voters in Amherst approved a move away from a Town Meeting form of government, replacing it with a town council. Some say Town Meeting helped protect the town from big money and development interests, while others claim it was an inefficient form of government. 


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