If Online Gambling OKed, MGM May Get In On The Action

Mar 29, 2017

The head of MGM Springfield said Wednesday that he's not concerned about the possible impact online gambling could have on the casino business. The potential legalization of online gambling was the subject of a hearing at the Massachusetts state house this week.

"We think brick-and-mortars can co-exist with online. But it's got to be like anything else," Mathis said. "It's got to be studied, regulated and evaluated and they need our input -- they need the industry's input."

Mathis said MGM would look to operate online gambling in Massachusetts if it becomes legal.

Meanwhile, state Gaming Commissioner Enrique Zuniga said this plays into the casino industry's marketing plans for customers under age 35.

"Engage them online to bring them into the brick-and-mortar casinos, which sounds to me like a perfectly legitimate strategy," Zuniga said, while in Springfield to attend a ceremony marking progress on the construction on the MGM resort.

A special commission has a deadline of July 31 to deliver a report about online gambling to the state legislature.