Massachusetts AG Announces Investigation Into E-Cigarette Company JUUL Labs

Jul 24, 2018

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey on Tuesday announced an investigation into JUUL Labs. Healey accused the electronic cigarette company of marketing its products to kids. 

"For the past 50 years in this country, we've worked hard to reduce smoking rates among young people," Healey said. "We are, unfortunately, seeing many companies pick up the playbook of the tobacco companies and look to market to and get young people addicted."

Healey cited candy-flavored nicotine packs and vaping accessories decorated with cartoons or comic book characters as examples of this marketing strategy. 

"[They are] designing devices that are meant to look like school supplies," Healey said, "a vape that is in the form of a sharpie magic marker. These are the lengths that these companies are going to."

JUUL Labs Spokesman Matt David says they "welcome the oppurtunity" to work with the Attorney General and are committed to combating underage use. 

"We have never marketed to anyone underage," David added.

Healey has also delivered cease and desist orders to two internet vaping stores that she says are the "online equivalent of a liquore store that doesn't check IDs."