Massachusetts Governor Considers State Funds For Testing Cracked Foundations

Jul 24, 2018

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is considering a state budget that includes funding to test whether the foundations of some homes are contaminated with a mineral that causes serious damage.

The mineral, pyrrhotite, can create such large cracks entire foundations need to be replaced.

The tainted concrete came from a quarry in Connecticut and may have been used to build homes in Hampden, Hampshire and Worcester Counties from 1983 through 2017.

Massachusetts State Senator Anne Gobi originally proposed $100,000 to pay for testing, but had to settle for $50,000. She said it's not clear yet how many homes are affected.

"It could be a much much larger issue than what I anticipate right now," Gobi said. "I believe Connecticut is looking at probably 30,000 homes. We're not looking at that many, but it's still a significant number." 

The state budget would also create a commission to study the problem