Massachusetts Pot Regulators Take Public Feedback On Law Changes

Mar 12, 2019

The public had a chance Tuesday in Springfield, Massachusetts, to tell marijuana regulators what they'd like to see tweaked in the state's pot laws.

Jenna Martin, a medical marijuana patient, said medical professionals need more education on marijuana. She recently had surgery canceled at the last minute over concerns about interactions between pot and anesthesia.

"Why isn't it mandated that all medical staff, all doctors, all the anesthesiologists learn how to deal with it?" Martin said. She continued emphatically, "And the best part is, cannabis isn't even dangerous!"

James Jasper of Springfield said the Cannabis Control Commission should make it easier for small-time pot producers to get up and running.

"If we don't want mass-produced, irradiated, toxically-grown Monsanto Frankenweed to be all that's on offer on the shelves, please make the interest of real, live cultivators that care a central part of your work," Jasper said.

Commission Chair Steven Hoffman told the gathering at Western New England University that the board will meet this spring to discuss and come up with draft changes to the current law.

That will be followed by a comment period and public hearings on the proposals before settling on final regulations in June.