Mayor Domenic Sarno, Springfield City Council End A Week Of Disagreement

Dec 7, 2018

It was a contentious week between the city council in Springfield, Massachusetts, and Mayor Domenic Sarno, as they disagreed on three separate issues. 

The council took a next-step vote on making Springfield a "welcoming city," which would mandate that city officials, including police, could not ask about someone's immigration status, except when required by law.

Sarno said the city could lose federal funding if such a law receives final approval.

There was also a disagreement over a first vote taken to give raises to the city council, school committee and the mayor. The pay hike for the council would be about 51 percent. And Sarno also vetoed an ordinance which would reestablish a police committee for Springfield. 

In national politics, former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick announced this week that he will not be running for president in 2020. Patrick, a Democrat, cited the health of his wife, Diane, and what he called the "cruel" nature of a presidential campaign. 

And in transit news, the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority said that since a fare increase earlier this year, revenues are up, but ridership is down. And in Berkshire County, those who use the bus system there have been dealing with limited service due to a strike over wages


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