More Mass. Cities and Towns Plan To File Lawsuits Against Opioid Companies

Feb 19, 2018

Pittsfield, Sturbridge, West Springfield, Palmer, and Charlton are among the cities and towns in central and western Massachusetts that are taking legal action against manufacturers and distributors of opioids.

Across the state, 33 municipalities have decided to do so.

Attorney Peter Merrigan represents them.

"The suit against the manufacturers arises out of their misrepresentation of the addictiveness of opioids," he said. "The suit against the distributors arises from their failure to follow federal law, namely the Controlled Substances Act, and their duty and obligation to report suspicious orders."

The lawsuit seeks compensation for costs stemming from the opioid crisis and funding for future recovery efforts.

Merrigan said another 30 municipalities across Massachusetts have verbally committed to joining the legal fight.