NEPR Art Mug

Jul 16, 2018

Do you listen to Public Radio? Are you often quoting NEPR stories you heard to friends in conversation? Do you constantly find yourself listening while doodling? This might be the answer for you to give back that love of listening to your public radio station! 

New England Public Radio is seeking submissions from  for our annual Art Mug! The limited-edition mug will be available to New England Public Radio's contributing listeners during the station's on-air fund drives from September 2018 through June 2019.

What do New England Public Radio and the NEPR News Network mean to you? We're looking for a design created exclusively for New England Public Radio that reflects your interpretation or appreciation of the station, our programming, or even our home in western New England. We welcome all submissions from collage, to pen and ink, to photography — as long as it translates well on a coffee mug! The winning design will be posted on our website and will also be described over the air during the pledge drive for our listeners. If your design references the station by name, please be sure to use "New England Public Radio" The design chosen for the mug will be decided in-house at New England Public Radio and the chosen artist will be notified in September.  Questions? Contact 413-735-6606 or


Design Specifications

  • The printing space is 4 1/8 inches high and 8 5/8 inches wide at least 300 dpi. The image will wrap around the mug almost from handle to handle.
  • Jpg, jpeg, eps, tif, psd, pdf may be submitted
  • The artwork will be affixed to the mug from a paper decal and kiln fired so the artwork's colors are preserved. This is a four color sublimation process.
  • A caption such as "designed for New England Public Radio by (your name) 2018" must be included. It can run along the edge of the artwork (within the printing space) or be incorporated into the design.


How do I apply?
Applications are closed.

Who can apply?
All can apply. Submissions are open to all including doodlers, artists, non-artists, and especially public radio nerds.

Why should I submit my design to NEPR?
There are so many reasons to share your design with NEPR. Maybe you find you listen a lot but just can't fit making a donation to NEPR into your budget. This is one way that you can give back to the public radio station you love. Or perhaps you have a great idea for a design and want to try for your chance to get it on this year's mug. What ever your reason may be, we certainly appreciate you submitting your design. 

Why is the design exclusively made for NEPR?
We request that the design be exclusively made for New England Public Radio and that we retain the design for the station's permanent collection for copyright and distribution reasons. 

Where is my design and name featured is my submission is slected??
The selected design will be featured on, NEPR's email Culture To-Do, NEPR's Social Media and mentioned during on-air fund drives from September 2018 through June 2019.

See below for examples of the selected designs. 

2018 Winner Marie Betts Bartlett

2017 Winner Peter O. Zierlein
2016 Winner - Lois Barber
2015 Winner - Liz Greene

2014 Winner - Martha Brouwer

2013 Winner - Jan Šabach

2012 Winner - Alexandra Lynch


2011 Winner - Kim Rosen

2010 Winner - Claudette Lambert Peterson Art Mug

2009 Winner - Stephen Petegorsky
2008 Winner - Sarah Adam

2007 Winner - Standard Design Art Mug
2006 Winner - Nancy Haver