New Zealand's Consul: Now-Ambassador Scott Brown 'Has A Very Kiwi Outlook'

Jun 9, 2017

New Zealand's representative in New England said he's looking forward to working with the new U.S. Ambassador to his country -- former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.

Attorney Simon Leeming serves as New Zealand's honorary consul for New England. He lives in Canterbury, New Hampshire, and practices law sometimes in Massachusetts. So he's no stranger to Scott Brown, a Republican who's run for the U.S. Senate in both those states.

Leeming declined to talk about his personal political feelings, but said Brown was a good pick by President Trump. 

"He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge and savvy to his new appointment," Leeming said. "And, on a personal basis, we believe that Scott Brown has a very 'kiwi' outlook on life."

In other words, Brown is an "outdoorsman," athletic and -- Leeming said -- supports the environment.

Leeming said he's not concerned Brown has no ties to New Zealand, noting that's pretty standard for ambassadors.

Brown was confirmed by the Senate Thursday on a 94-4 vote. Among those who said yes were Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Jeanne Shaheen, who both defeated Brown in contentious Senate races.

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Brown, who spent more than three decades in the National Guard, had publicly lobbied to become secretary of veterans affairs. Instead, Trump tapped him to represent the United States in New Zealand, as well as Samoa.