For Now, Heath, Mass., Not Selling Former School To Pot Company

Mar 8, 2019

Residents of Heath, Massachusetts, chose not to sell an empty school building to a cannabis company this week. 

A special town meeting vote took place on whether to sell the building to Carnegie Arch LLC for $250,000.

While over half of the residents voted for the sale, the article fell short of the required two-thirds majority for approval.

The building is currently costing the town $60,000 a year to maintain.

Heath's select board member Gloria Fisher understands some people have a sentimental connection with the building, but said time is running out with Carnegie.

"They do have other properties they're looking at," Fisher said. "They're willing to stick with us for a while — not a long while, but a while."

The select board will now have two months to sway voters before the sale is put up to a re-vote at the annual town meeting.

That effort will include two informational meetings where Heath's 700 residents will be invited ask questions of the marijuana company.