PawSox Are Asking Fans To Help Name New Worcester Team

Nov 19, 2018

The Pawtucket Red Sox will start playing in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 2021 — and the team is asking fans to help come up with its new name. 

The team says it came up with the idea as a way to engage its new fans in Worcester.

Dan Rea, the team's general manager, said the PawSox have received hundreds of suggestions for a team name so far.

"WooSox has been a clear one," he said. "There was a team in the late-19th century in Worcester called the Worcester Ruby Legs, so some people have suggested that as an historical homage. And then other combinations of sox: Worm Sox, because sometimes you hear the nickname Wormtown."  

Rea said the team has also asked fans to share names they don't like, and some have made it clear that they're not into "WooSox."

The Paw Sox will be taking submissions online through November 26.