Pipeline Work Begins, Protests Continue

Apr 27, 2017

With work underway on a controversial natural gas pipeline in southern Berkshire County, activists are planning to protest at the site Friday.

A spokesperson for the company Kinder Morgan said crews are setting up erosion protection devices along the pipeline route in Otis State Forest, and tree cutting won't begin until that's complete.

Meanwhile, an anti-pipeline group called the Sugar Shack Alliance plans a non-violent demonstration as close to the work as possible. Spokesperson Abby Ferla said it's frustrating to see state-owned conservation land be used for a pipeline.

"When tax payers and private land owners and conservation associations work really hard to put land into conservation, the idea is that it's not going to be developed...ever," Ferla said.

As for whether protesters will be about to access Otis State Forest, a spokesperson for the state's Department of Conservation and Recreation said while much of the forest is still open to the public, the construction area is off-limits. That will be the case through the duration of the project.

The New York- o-Connecticut pipeline has been the source of a legal and regulatory battle, with both Massachusetts U.S. senators last week calling on the feds to halt the project for more hearings.