Proposal Would Re-Number Mass. Highway Exits

Jul 28, 2017

A bill before the Massachusetts House of Representatives would change the exit numbers on interstate highways.

The measure would re-number highway exits to reflect their corresponding mile markers. Exit 1 on the Massachusetts Turnpike would change to Exit 3. Exit 2 would be Exit 10.

Highway exits in the Commonwealth are currently numbered sequentially.

The change would bring Massachusetts in line with a 2009 mandate by the Federal Highway Administration.

State Representative Paul Mark, who proposed the bill, said that, above all, adapting to a mileage-based numbering statement just makes sense.

"When you have a mileage-based system, you know exactly how far the next exit is," Mark said. "That makes it easier to plan out your time, and your travel."

In a statement, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation said it is evaluating mileage-based numbering.