Quaboag Regional Middle High School Is Back Open After Mold Issues

Sep 18, 2018

Students at Quaboag Regional Middle High School in Warren, Massachusetts, are back in class after a mold outbreak delayed the start of the new school year by almost two weeks.

The mold was discovered in the days leading up to the students' scheduled return.

Quaboag Superintendent Brett Kustigian said the problem was worse than first expected. He said plans were in place to start classes this week at a former school in nearby Palmer.

But Quaboag's building was OK'd for use over the weekend -- a huge relief for Kustigian, and everyone else.

"The level of enthusiasm with the staff and the students is off just off the charts," Kustigian said. "They're ready to be back in school, and we didn't miss a beat."

There's still the matter of nine school days to be made up.

Kustigian said he's working with the teacher's union, school committee and state officials to figure out a solution.

"We're looking to be creative," he said.