Required Disclosures May Impact Hartford's Anti-Abortion Centers

Oct 1, 2018

New rules go into effect on October 1 on crisis pregnancy centers in Hartford, Connecticut.

The move comes after reports that a faith-based pregnancy center in Hartford was trying to intercept women seeking abortions at a nearby clinic and was not upfront enough about the services it was willing to provide.

As of October 1, if such centers don't have a licensed medical provider on site, they will be required to disclose it on signs and over the phone.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin helped push the new rules through.

"Our approach here is really simple, based on the principle that women deserve to be told the truth, and they shouldn't be subject to deceptive practices when they're making big decisions about their future," Bronin said.

The anti-abortion center accused of trying to divert women -- the Hartford Women's Center -- couldn't be reached for comment.

Bronin said he's confident the new rules will withstand legal scrutiny. They'll be enforced by the city's Department of Health and Human Services.