Sarno To Trump Officials: 'Reconsider' Proposed Elimination Of Community Block Grants

Mar 23, 2017

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno said he hopes a phone conversation with two Trump administration officials on Wednesday will prompt a reconsideration of a proposed budget cut.

President Trump has proposed eliminating Community Block Development Grants [CDBG] Sarno said he pressed special assistants William Kirkland and Justin Clark on why Trump would cut funds he said are critical for the city's economic development projects.

“They said, 'Mayor, we've heard the same in unison song from each and every one of the mayors that we spoke to.' And I have to assume there had to be some Republican mayors...probably more Republican mayors than Democratic mayors that they spoke to, to how CDBG is a lifeline,” said Sarno.

Springfield receives $60 million in federal funds, including about $4 million in block grants that would be cut entirely under Trump's budget.