Senate President Chandler, Farmer Suicide Prevention, Springfield Diversity: The Short List

Feb 9, 2018

This week, Sen. Harriette Chandler was named Massachusetts Senate President for the remainder of the year. And Sen. Stan Rosenberg, who stepped away from the post amid a scandal involving his husband, reaffirmed his vow that Bryon Hefner did not influence anything having to do with the state Senate. 

The Boston Globe last week reported that Hefner had access to Rosenberg's e-mails

Also this week, as milk prices continue to drop, one dairy co-op tried to help its member farmers cope. Agri-Mark included information on mental health and suicide prevention agencies. This was sent in a mailing with the latest 2018 milk price forecast, which painted a bleak picture, and left some questioning the timing. 

On Monday, the Springfield City Council adopted a resolution which seeks to increase diversity among the city's department heads. According to the resolution, people of color make up 61 percent of the city's population, but less than 20 percent of its department heads. 

Finally, the Winter Olympics are underway. We ask our panel which events they're looking forward to watching, even if it didn't exactly include sports. 

This week's guests: 

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