Short-Term Rental Tax On Massachusetts Governor's Desk

Dec 21, 2018

Airbnb hosts in Massachusetts could be subject to taxes and other state requirements next year. That's if Gov. Charlie Baker signs a bill that would regulate short-term rentals. 

Massachusetts legislators passed a compromise bill that would impose a 5.7 percent tax on short-term rental spaces. The tax would only apply to people who rent out space more than 14 days per year.

People who do it fewer days wouldn't be taxed, but would have to appear on a publicly available registry.

Andres Tejada rents out his place in Springfield up to half the year. He's afraid appearing on a public registry could make him a target for harassment.

“The hotel lobby might decide that they don’t like the competition, and engage in activities that would intimidate a person like me, who’s a small-time host,” Tejada said.

However, Tejada said he is fine with the taxes, and thinks the regulation would be good for the short-term rental industry.

The bill is now on Baker's desk.