South Hadley, Mass., Students Write Beacon Hill Over School Funding Concerns

May 10, 2019

Students at the high school in South Hadley, Massachusetts, have embarked upon a letter-writing campaign to convince state legislators to pass bills that would increase public school funding.

The effort yielded more than 400 messages from students to lawmakers.

Hannah Gebhardt, a senior at South Hadley High, said all of this started when they found out budget cuts would lead to several teachers being laid off.

"We wanted to take initiative in figuring out how to prevent this from happening in the future," Gebhardt said. 

The student council met with school administrators and the school committee, Gebhardt said, to see what could be done, and decided to take their message to those on Beacon Hill.

"The town can't do any more," Gebhardt said. "We've tried our best to make it work. The students have tried to create influence. And at this point, it is up to the state to fund us more."

Two state legislators representing South Hadley were scheduled to visit the school Friday to meet with students and pick up the letters for delivery to the Statehouse.